Nutt Sumoll

D.O. Penedès

Our first red wine made from Sumoll, and ancient catalan variety that we are recovering there are just a few hectares in Catalonia.


View: Shinny pomegranate red with an purple rim.

Smell: Red fruit of the forest aromas with notes of licorice.

Taste: Entrance friendly and light. We find again the strawberries and the respberries with a refreshing touch that give us a good aftertaste.

Storage temperature: About 18ºC, without humidity or sudden temperatures changes, and without direct light, in horizontal.

Serving temperature: 12º C.

How to serve: In glass with a body type burgundy. 

Food pairing: Recommended for light meals such as bread with tomato and sausage, tuna, carpaccio and tapas.

Nutt Sumoll 2016

  • Guia Vinos Cataluña 2018: 9.55 points

Nutt Sumoll 2017

  • Guia Vins Catalunya 2019: 9.58 punts

Technical Data

  • Blend: 100% sumoll
  • Harvest: 13/09/17
  • Duration Fermentation: 15 days in a french open oak of 500L at a temp. of 14 - 15ºC

Analytical Data

  • Alcohol: 12.50% vol.
  • Total Sulfur: 35 mg/L
  • Total Acidity: 5.4 g/L exp. tartaric acid
  • Residual Sugar: 0.3 g/L



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